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Apple watch series 3 – first month

  Regular readers of my website or FaceBook page will no doubt recall the unparalleled hell I experienced at the hands of Telstra when attempting to set up my Apple Watch S3 to a mobile network. I get that this is a new product and I understand that challenges are to be expected but there …

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Telstra and the Apple Watch Series 3 is a bad mix

As I sit here and write this I am ready to kill someone, something, anything. Figuratively of course. I have been dealing with Telstra all day and I have to say this has been one of the few days where my British upbringing of never expressing dissatisfaction has completely abandoned me. My big mistake, and …

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Who needs 4G anyway?

The media and the ACCC have recently gone after Apple claiming they potentially misled the Australian public by labelling their recent iPad as 4G when–at least in this country–that is not the case. As it turns out we are better off without 4G. Regardless of Apple’s fuzzy marketing there really wasn’t any question of them …

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