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Two quick iPhone tips

This is going to be mighty quick. Two very simple little iPhone tricks that I have been using for a while that, when demonstrated, seem to transport people into fits of joy. So I thought I’d share them here. Don’t disturb me until…. Wipe up from the bottom on an iPhone 8 or older. Swipe …

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Should you buy an iPhone X

There are literally thousands of videos and articles about the iPhone X so I am certainly not going to cover their ground here. Instead, I am going to try and answer a very simple question… should you buy one. Well, its the heaviest phone in a while and it feels thicker in the hand. But …

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Phones, watches and TV. Oh my!

I have said it before, Apple products remain the best and the finest examples of what is possible in the consumer space but it is sad that all the excitement has gone from the Apple seminal presentation. Don’t get me wrong… this isn’t their fault. They continue to be funny, slick and awe inspiring and …

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