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iPhone SE is better than you might think.

When the iPhone 6 was released in 2014 users of the Apple flagship device drew a collective sigh of relief and when the 6 Plus was released iPad users wondered what the hell was going on. However, regardless of the opinions and press attention –  negative or otherwise – each device attracted it was generally decided …

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Bend gate – meh!

In advertising it is consider a badge of honor if 9/10 mums, or chemists or doctors agree or recommend …..such and such. I doubt it very much if anyone would feel compelled to take any product seriously that boasted 9 out of 10,000,000 people think this brand of toothpaste (or anything for that matter) is …

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IOS8 and iPhone6

When the iPad was released in 2010 Steve claimed that the 9 inch form factor was “the optimum size”. History has proved him wrong with the iPad Mini being favored by most of today’s iPad buyers and while I cannot claim to have insider knowledge surrounding the decision to give the original iPhone a 4 …

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