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Don’t like the skinny font in iOS7?

Personally I don’t mind the new iOS for the iPhone or iPad. I think its stylish, breezy and thoroughly modern. But its not for everyone. Some find the icons bewilderedly childish or nonsensical (in some cases I agree), the font too hard to read and some of the design ideas to be nothing more than …

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iOS7 Help

Once upon a time it wasn’t uncommon to pick up someone’s iPhone and find they hadn’t upgraded it since its release. Now with wireless upgrades and media attention I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that almost everyone I know (teenagers and grandmothers alike) have applied the iOS7 upgrade. Indeed there is a strong possibility that …

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New Weather App points to everything that is wrong with iOS

Two things came together that motivated me to write this article, something I wasn’t planning on doing until the new year. The first was the upgrade to Weather Au from Shiftyjelly and the other was an article by Liz Gannes that appeared on the All Things D website. Shiftyjelly have been producing a weather application for …

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