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Your newish Mac is exposed

Apple, or rather a European security firm, recently announced that Apple’s T2 chip (the one that handles security) has a fundamental flaw. This flaw leaves the chip subject to attack and can allow key loggers and other snooping applications to be installed. This is bad news and what is worse it cannot be patched. Because …

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Serious iPhone hack

UPDATE: TechCrunch reported on the 2nd Sept that this exploit was designed to target Uyghur Muslims in China. However, the overall message of this article remains the same. Over the weekend (30-31 August 2019) the tech papers were flooded with reports of “hundreds of thousands of iPhones hacked” and “biggest breach of iOS ever”. For …

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A serious and very real threat to your WIFI network

  It has been reported that a vulnerability in every wifi network has been discovered and can be easily exploited and used to devastating affect. This is regardless of how secure your password is, in fact the hacker doesn’t even need to know what your password is, to snoop and steal information and take control. …

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