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Save the Masking tape

I am on a quest to end the needless slaughter of masking tape that happens everyday around the world. Tiny strips of this precious resource are needlessly sacrificed to cover up cameras on iMacs and MacBooks everyday and it need not be the case. So far as I can tell this habit came about from …

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iOS10 – coming soon

  Last week we posted a warning about some nasty Malware for iOS that has been discovered in the wild. In the article we said that the best way to avoid that Malware was (and still is) to upgrade to 9.3.5. However, it is worth noting that iOS10 is also immune to this Malware and …

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Following the life of a photo

It used to be so simple. You took a photo on your iPhone and it stayed there until you synced it to your Mac. From there, if you could be bothered, you crop it or changed the colouring, but mostly you’d just file it. But now Apple have tried to get clever with photo stream, …

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