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Yes Sur

Big Sur has finally been released and, as is always the case, it is worth making sure that all your applications will work or at the very least can be easily upgraded or updated before you even think about installing. While you are thinking about whether or not to update, (and I note with delight …

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Big Sur… what does it mean for you?

Another year and another worldwide developers conference. Like everything else in the world this keynote was turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic. Apple decided to hold the worldwide developers conference virtually and make it free for everyone. I’m sure a lot of people, me included, wondered what they were going to do and how …

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A super FAQ

Hello. How are you all? The last time I submitted an article I recall, with waves of embarrassment, saying I was going to get loads of articles out of the way because I was stuck at home. How wrong I was!. I don’t think we have been busier since the lockdown started. So apologies for …

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