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How do you play music in your lounge room?

I am wondering… do you have hundreds, maybe thousands, of songs on your iPhone or iPod. Do you have just as many CDs in the cupboard? Perhaps these CDs helped create the empire of music on your idevice? But is this music only played in certain places or particular times? Is your workout rocked out to playlists …

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Apple TV 4th Gen – The Saviour of TV

For the last ten years or so I have been more willing to spoon feed my eyeballs to the cat than watch a single second of commercial TV. So it will come as no surprise, I am sure, that I have been a big fan of the Apple TV ever since its release in 2007. …

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Apple TV just got 1000% more useful

The Apple TV has been around for quite a while but with the release of Movies in the cloud it recently got 1000% more useful. Once again, after almost two years, you can now buy as well as rent movies from iTunes. But oddly this article doesn’t cover that, no I will let Apple do …

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