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This is less like an article and more like a public announcement.

It is really a call to action.

This is not my work. Not at all. In fact, the lengths these people have gone to in order to expose the scum that call, email and text us day in day out is nothing short of amazing and something I could never even hope to pull off.

They have gone the extra mile to expose these people and it is well worth you watching it and, as he explains later in the video, passing it on to your friends.

First a little background to help explain what this guy is all about and why he would go to such lengths.

His name  is Mark Rober and he first came to prominence on youtube as the “glitter bomb guy” who set out to expose opportunistic mouth breathers who go around stealing parcels left on door steps, also known as Porch Pirates.

Mark achieved this by using the skills he learnt whilst working with NASA, producing a parcel that looked like an Apple Home Pod but was in fact a device designed to spray the thief with glitter when they unwrapped it at home.

Over the years (five in total I think) this device has gained better glitter spraying abilities, a home tracking system, video recording (which is passed onto the police), self charging and stink spray. It is all very unpleasant, loud, messy and exactly what these zeros deserve.

But this latest venture goes many many steps further. It is international and it seeks to end something we have all been touched by. I am talking, of course, about scam call centres the kind that start with openers like “I am from Microsoft and there is something wrong with your computer…”, or  “ I am from Amazon and there is a charge against your account…” and end with someone you know losing thousands.

As you will see their mischievous efforts did have some impact and cost these scammers many hundreds of thousands of dollars and took them off line for a short time. While, in the grand scheme, this might seem like this is a drop in an ocean of complete scum bucketry, the video does give us all a very clear insight into who these people are, where they are located and how they operate right in the midst of seemingly legitimate businesses. But more importantly, and the real reason I am sharing this, is that the more traction this video gets on YouTube the more it will trend on social media and, as Mark explains, this means corrupt officials in India cannot sweep it under the carpet as they have done in the past. It all becomes very loud and very public.

Please watch. Please rate and please share.

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